Planting for the Future – September 2009

Planting for the Future

By Judy Baehr

You’re Invited to the Cinderella Ball


Masthead-PlantingPlans are afoot for the annual ACÁ Harvest Fair on Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 at the ACÁ organic farm and Eco Training Center in Jaltepec. Every year is different, except for the Great Greens salad bar and corn on the cob with butter. This year I’ve proposed a new event called the Cinderella Ball, where we’ll crown a queen. The queen will be the person who has attended the fewest events and parties in town because every time she tries to go out the door to do some fun thing, something happens and she has to stay home.

Candidates for queen of the Cinderella Ball will be required to fill out an entry form, and the winner will be the one who has the best reason(s) why she had to cancel something and stay home.

For example:

1. The electrician (plumber, repairman, etc.) showed up to do some work unexpectedly, after you had been waiting for ___ (days, months, years). Caution: The current record is held by a homeowner whose electrician showed up 2 months after being called. Newcomers please note the promise of money is rarely sufficient motivation for faster response, as the current record holder owed the electrician $2,000 pesos for work previously completed.

2. You have to take your (neighbor, spouse, friend, pet) to the (doctor, pharmacy, airport, vet).

3. Your (dog, cat, spouse) got out of the gate and into the (trash, neighbor’s yard, nearest bar, etc.) and has to be brought home.

You get the idea.

The winner will be given six wind-up mice to help with the housework, a new broom and a DVD of Walt Disney’s Cinderella.

The only problem is that the queen of the Cinderella Ball will not be able to attend because (see above).

You can find out if my proposal is accepted in next month’s column, where I’ll have a run-down of Harvest Fair events. In the meantime, if you can get out the door to do something fun, try the following. Don’t expect to see me there; I’m running for queen.

Upcoming Summer Food Market Tours: Abastos Tour: 9/07 and 10/07; Organic Tour: 9/26.Tickets: 200 pesos in advance at the ACÁ Eco Center, Diane Pearl Gallery or from Berta on the Patio at LCS.

See more details at Questions? Email ACÁ’s Great Greens are sold at the Lake Chapala Society, SuperLake, and at the ACÁ demonstration farm and Eco Center in Jaltepec (M-F 9-5, Sat 9-1).

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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