QUILT PATCHES – September 2009


By Jeannette Saylor



Often we find ourselves involved

in discussions about what love entails. 

It’s this or it’s that, you will hear them declare 

…thoughts about love that don’t go away. 

Whatever it means, we know love will touch 

a harmonic chord that brightens our lives. 

To take love apart from a valentine heart, 

we can patch a quilt with embroidery shapes,

and show designs that forever remain,

…colorful shapes…angora-dream things.

Yes, we often need to patch a few dreams

on this special quilt showing what love means.

Let us cross-stitch a patch for the boy of seven,

in a blue and gold block for this rainbow quilt–

a boy who whistles and stomps his boots,

as he tries to mimic his father’s shoes,

or a Junior High Miss who decides it’s time

for her school to permit a summer midriff–

this glossy patch will be strawberry red.

In the center, though, I hope we will find

two oval patches of embroidery designs

reflecting the persons who tried to help us–

…I think we might call them Mom and Dad.



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