You do not have to be a dog lover, only human – February 2010

You do not have to be a dog lover, only human

By Jackie Kellum


caged-puppiesThere is an event that occurs periodically around Lakeside. Although most sights are quite pleasing to the eye, this new sight is distressing. We at times see several men either standing at the side of the Carretera in Ajijic on various corners, or in the market walkways on Wednesdays. These men, generally from Guadalajara, have very small puppies of various colors and “breeds” (usually only a few weeks old) squashed together in small cages stacked on top of each other.

These enclosed “inmates” are the product of “puppy mills.” You may or may not be familiar with this polite term that is used to describe forced repeated dog reproductions for profit for individuals or groups. If you could see the inhuman conditions that occur at this type of place, you would turn your head away in horror and a sense of nausea.  If you would like to avail yourself for the sake of knowledge, look on the web. YouTube has a video of this type of place. I would suggest that you do not view any of these sites that have pictures or video prior to or immediately after a meal.

In our northern or “native” countries such as individual US states or Canada, there are laws against this cruel practice. As a matter of fact, it is also against the law in Jalisco, Mexico where we live. But like all laws that govern the protection of safety, justice, health, humanity and the list of life’s quality values, it doesn’t get acted upon to stop cruelty until each individual gets involved.

Many years ago, in 11th century Italy, a priest, Francis of Assisi, became known as the Patron Saint of animals, as well as the environment and other things. There is an annual feast each Sept. 7- Oct. 4th in honor of him and his loving caring for all animals. There is a blessing ceremony of animals in Chapala during this period each year.

If humanity could recognize the value and need for loving care and respect for animals so many centuries ago, why can we not now use our voice to protest against the cruel treatment of these innocent creatures we see before our eyes in these wire cages? There have been many formal health studies that outline the health benefits of having a family pet. A person does not have to have a dog as their family pet to understand and appreciate the value and benefits a person obtains from a dog’s unconditional love. I know myself firsthand about these benefits as I have four local “rescue” dogs in my family.

We already have far too many local mistreated, mal-nourished, abandoned puppies and dogs that are un-spayed/un-neutered and re-populating in our Lakeside. We do not need our community “importing” caged puppy mill puppies from those persons whose sole motive is profit. These puppy sellers aim for American, Canadian and European buyers because we have kind hearts and fat wallets. Our animal shelters and various animal rescue groups, and individual kind- hearted vets are already overflowing with “unwanted” cats/dogs all through the year that are healthy and available for adoption. Please spay/neuter your current pets, adopt pets from our local animal agencies, and please do NOT contribute to this cruel animal practice for profit. DO share this information with your friends.    Please be part of the Solution!

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