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Pill Popping Pets


puppiesBefore we start, make sure to see our link at the bottom if you would like to pickle your pet’s poop. Seriously. Every month I hope to introduce new pet products that are really innovative.

Who amongst us doesn’t dread having to give a pet a pill? Have you ever tried to pry apart a dog’s jaw? It’s not possible with most dogs. Luckily giving a dog a pill is not that hard as it can be hidden in a favorite food such as raw hamburger or cheese. Another way to get a pet to take medication is to crush the pill and mix it in milk.

Treats often work the best. If you are forced to use the “by mouth” route make sure the pill gets to the back of the throat and clamp the jaws together. Then simply blow on your dogs nose. If the dog licks their lips the chances are good the pill went down.

Cats, of course, are a whole different ballgame. You can try mixing the crushed pill in its favorite treat and giving them the treat as you normally would. You may have to use a few different treats with the pill divided into the different ones. Sometimes this method will not work, especially if the pill is a gelcap. In this case you’re going to have to pop it.

I’ve been an expert pill popper with cats for years, and I’m lucky that our cat simply accepted it. I take the cat and gently wrap it in a towel with only it’s head sticking out. Cradling it like a baby open the jaws and pop the pill, blow on the nose and most likely you’ll experience success. After doing this make sure to give kitty a reward of their favorite treat. This will help them to associate it as a pleasant event.

It’s also a good idea to do this once a month with your cat, using a treat. This helps them to become accustomed to it so that when you do have to give them medication it won’t be such a struggle. Best of all, by using the towel you’re not going to be scratched to pieces and the cat will be less likely to injure themselves by struggling. This can also be done using an eye dropper if the medication is liquid. Just follow the same routine with the towel.

The most important part of any medication routine is to try and keep it stress free. Stay relaxed and be as gentle as possible with kitty. The more you can turn it into a positive experience the less likely it will continue to produce negative emotions. After giving them the treat following the medication, you can reinforce the positive experience with a back rub or treating them to some catnip. The ACA in Jaltepec has fresh catnip plants.

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