The Israeli Side – June 2010

The Israeli Side

By Peter Rosenberg


israelThis is a direct dispute to the article written by Bob Harwood on The Israeli Palestinian Conflict that was published in the Ojo, April issue. He claims that people are scared to critique Israel as it may be deemed anti-Semitism but that is exactly what his preposterous story does: it promotes an anti-Israel position which, in turn, promotes anti-Semitism.

I have nothing against the Palestinian people. As a matter of fact, my wife and I, on a recent trip to Israel, got along with, and liked them, more than we did the Israelis. However, it is these same people that do not wish to co-exist in Israel but take the country over, forcing the Jewish people out.

The town of Jericho is a walled Palestinian community that Israelis and tourists cannot visit. Jerusalem is divided with a wall, separating it from Bethlehem, and the gun positions are not manned by the Israelis to keep the Palestinians out but by the Palestinians trying to keep Israelis out. Tourists must leave their buses, walk through the DMZ, and board a Palestinian bus with Palestinian tour guides to see Bethlehem. It had all the bearings of the Berlin wall all over again.

Israel is a tiny country, smaller than most states in the US. To suggest land be swapped to create a two state solution with Jerusalem as a shared capital is ridiculous. The proper solution is that both sides learn to co-exist in this tiny space and do it without UN interference as Mr. Harwood suggests. An outside military force would only increase violence and anti-Semitism and suggest to the world that the US no longer supports Israel, giving the Arab nation a signal it would be okay to invade. We have all seen how successful these military forces have been throughout the world.

I cannot even begin to say how ridiculous his statement is that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is the cause for 9/11, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan. The truth of the matter is that the Muslims pretty much hate everyone else, not just the Jews, and are on a methodical Allah-driven mission (so they believe), to take over the world. 9/11 had nothing to do with Israel just as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have nothing to do with Israel. To suggest otherwise is not only false but definitely tries to fuel anti-Semitism.

Europe is fast becoming a Muslim territory. Mosques now outnumber churches. There are huge communities in all the major cities that are strictly Muslim and, outside women who have entered these areas and not had their heads covered, have been attacked and beaten. Tourists are warned not to go there. In some countries, schools can no longer teach anything contrary to Muslim beliefs. And, Muslims are infiltrating every level of government. All this has nothing to do with Israel just as 9/11, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with Israel. To suggest otherwise is not only false but definitely tries to fuel anti-Semitism.

Mr. Harwood adeptly pointed out that Muslims outnumber the Jews 100 to 1. But it is the Muslims that keep attacking Israel while Israel, who just wants peace, is forced to defend itself. If the Muslims do not want 100 to 1 casualties, the solution is very simple: stop attacking Israel and the Jewish people. The loss of children is always sad but how many children has Israel lost over the years by unprovoked attacks from the outside, by car bombs, or suicide bombers?

Mr. Harwood condemns Israel for threatening a preemptive attack on Iran for developing weapons of mass destruction. One cannot blame Israel as the Muslims would not hesitate for one second to use them on Israel or anyone else they felt they had a right to do so in their “holy war.” Israel, on the other hand, has them and never used one and never will unless it was for retaliation. It is no different than the US and Russia. Further, isn’t a preemptive strike exactly our reason for attacking Iraq and threatening Korea?

An old Tom Lehrer song on nuclear bombs comes to mind. “Egypt’s going to get one too. Just to use on you know who. So, Israel’s getting tense. Wants one in self-defense. The Lord’s our shepherd says the Psalm. But, just in case, we better get a bomb.”

Finally, I would like to point out another 100 to 1 ratio to Mr. Harwood. The Muslims have one thing they have ever contributed to mankind and that is oil. This one product has made them wealthy and it is this money that is used to finance most of the terrorism. If it wasn’t for oil, most Muslims would still be riding around their deserts on camels and sleeping in tents by an oasis. The Israelis and Jewish people have 100 or so Nobel prizes, made vast contributions to science, medicine, agriculture, computers, and nearly every other aspect of humanity. Actually, this ratio is probably closer to 1000 to 1.

Mr. Harwood writes under the pretense of being neutral but, in reality, if one reads his story carefully, the underlining anti-Semitism comes through loud and clear.

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