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tommyTilly and Tommy are very happy to become another voice for the local animals here at Lakeside. Tommy and Tilly are two rescue dogs who want to do their part in helping to save other canine and feline friends.

Tilly is about two years old and is a Border Collie mix. She’s very lucky to be alive. A kind soul on her way to Lakeside from Texas found Tilly badly injured along the highway waiting to die. She had suffered a broken leg and internal injuries. After several surgeries and a great deal of love and kindness, Tilly is now one of most friendly, smart and beautiful dogs you’d ever want to meet.

Tommy was rescued from one of the local shelters and is one of the most handsome and happiest dogs you’ll see in Lakeside. He is a mixed breed as well, but has amazing facial expressions and his lanky body allows him to jump very high without much effort at all.

Many people enjoy reading stories with happy endings. Tilly and Tommy certainly fall into that category. They are now together in a home whose owner absolutely dotes on them. But this is just one story. We would like to hear yours. So please send us your story or other information about animals so we can share it with our readers.

Dogs can become your best friend. They’re smart and they can learn many things if you just spend a little time in training and have a little patience. We can answer questions about training your dog and give you recommendations. Just send us an email.

Cats are also great. They don’t need any training to do what they instinctively know how to do and they make wonderful pets and companions. Cats live longer if they are kept indoors. Outside exposure poses many dangers for a cat and makes it difficult for them to survive.

One of my feline friends loves to sit by her owner’s computer and watch intently everything that happens on the screen. Occasionally, she’ll even hit a keystroke or two or swat at something moving on the screen. It certainly makes computer time a little more interesting!

There are many caring people in the area who want to help abandoned and mistreated animals. Please get involved and help our four-legged friends who cannot speak for themselves. Contact us at the e-mail below. Send us your stories and information so we may share it with our readers.

Bye for now from Tilly and Tommy.

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