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Lakeside Living
By Kay Davis

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May 2010

How we read books is changing these days. The latest are the ebook readers, the most popular being the Amazon Kindle and recently released Apple iPad. You can even download these electronic books and read them on your PC w

ithout having to purchase any ebook device. The choice of books exceeds 480,000 and is growing at a rate of 55% per quarter. Why am I telling you this?

Among those are two books by Alejandro Grattan, editor of El Ojo del Lago. Hollywood & Vine is a murder mystery. The haunting story focuses on Timmy, a one-time child star but a has-been at age nine and now in his 30s, trying to make a comeback. The book’s subtitle tells it all: A Tragic Success Story.

Whereabouts Unknown is the second book. It centers on two men, a middle-aged mute and a young man of nineteen, imprisoned by the Nazis. Embittered and without prospects when released at the end of WWII, they are easily recruited to find run-away Nazis in South America. So who are the good guys and who are the bad? Who will survive? Who deserves to? It is a fascinating morality story. If you enjoy the books, post your brief comments on amazon/Kindle.

Grattan’s novels will appear along with those of authors like James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark and David Baldacci. Downloads cost about $5-$7 or about a third the cost of a quality paperback.


In March CASA, the Culinary Society of Ajijic, prepared their best in main dishes and desserts.

In the first category, Monica Malloy won first place for her Stuffed Roasted Poblanos with Walnut Sauce while Cheryl Davis won second place for her Aubergine Beggar’s Purse, and Hazel Tash won third for her Queso Azul Farfalle. In desserts Pat Carroll won first place for his Fruit Pizza Pie; Helena Feldstein won second place for her Passover Chocolate Torte, and Diane Pretty won third place for her La Bete Noir (Black Beast). It was a three-way tie for People’s Choice in the main dish category, with Monica Malloy and Cheryl Davis for their dishes, and Marti Hurly for her Portobello Mushroom and Swiss Chard Lasagna. In the dessert category, Chris Bublin won for her Pistachio Layer Cake.


Marti Hurley, Monica Malloy, Cheryl Davis


All who would like to join in learning about and enjoying good food are encouraged to call Patrick Winn at 766-4842. He can also be reached by email at and would be delighted to invite those interested to come as his guest.

At the end of March, the Music Appreciation Society (MAS) ended its season with a roundly successful Guitar Duo, Juanito Pascual and Grisha Goryachev. They presented classical Spanish guitar pieces well known to guitar lovers, some original pieces, the traditional and more modern “evolved” flamenco. Juanito added some explanation of the different forms of flamenco (Sevillanas, Bulerias, etc.), giving history of the influence from the Moors, Jews, Spanish and Gypsy forms, adding more recent influences from the Caribbean and Latin America. He views flamenco as a constantly evolving form, in which 20 years ago he set out to excel. He has achieved his goal with a flair and artistry rarely seen. Grisha demonstrated blinding speed with his fingers flashing around the strings.


Juanito Pascual, Bev Denton and Grisha Goryachev


On March 28, St. Andrew’s Church presented cheques to the following Lakeside charities: UVA Scholarships, Cruz Roja, Villa Infantil, Centro de Desarollo, and Operation Feed. St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee thanks all Church members and many members of the community who worked so hard at the annual Regalorama (bazaar) plus those who made personal donations. 

Madre Maria de Jesús receives a donation for Villa Infantil from Don Snell (Outreach Committee) and Father Michael Percival (St. Andrews)


In April Phyllis Rauch, translator and editor of her husband Georg’s memoir, The Jew with the Iron Cross, A Record of Survival in WWII Russia signed books at the Los Angles Times Book Festival. Said Kirkus Discoveries: “Thrilling memoir tells about one who survived the German Eastern Front retreat and a Russian POW camp while his mother hid Jews in their Viennese attic….(An) experience as amazing as it is valuable to those seeking to understand a soldier’s experience. A compelling and unique perspective on World War II.”


On May 5, 6 – 9 p.m. at La Nueva Posada, the Rotary Club of Ajijic will hold its annual Cinco de Mayo fundraiser. Proceeds go to Rotary’s community projects to support needy children. Ajijic Rotarians work tirelessly on projects ranging from scholarships, potable water, computers, and library books to teaching children self support skills. Come and enjoy a fun evening and help support Lakeside’s needy children. Admission is $350 and includes a delicious dinner, one free drink, live music and dancing, along with a silent auction. Tickets are available at Diana Pearl Colecciones, Salvador’s Restaurant, Hotel La Nueva Posada, and Lake Chapala Real Estate. For info and group reservations, please call 766-3302. See the web page at

Mulitple Events:

The American Legion post #7 schedule for May:

Sundays: 12 – 3 p.m. Legion grill burgers              

May   5 – 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.: US Consulate (no Social Security)

May 13 – 5 p.m. 3rd Annual Wing Ding Event

May 31 – 1:30 p.m. Memorial Day Ceremony at the Post

May 31 – 2:30 p.m. Roasted Pig in the Pit picnic lunch

Cruz Roja Chapala ( finished a strong 2009 with a net income of about $100,000 pesos. They thank their regular donors, event attendees and the cadre of International Volunteers. About 50% of the income is from recovery of costs in offering medical assistance to patients. Another 30% comes from activities and events sponsored by the Cruz Roja International Volunteers, and the remaining 15% comes from various individual donations.

Major events include a Fashion Show and Golf Tournament. Special events are also sponsored, including bus trips to Guadalajara and the Tequila area; sales at the LCS Cruz Roja Table, Raffles, and participation in the Annual Chili-Cook-off and the National Colecta. A backup generator, donated by a local resident and installed at CRC expense, is now in place and electrical service continues uninterrupted. Current priorities include funding a replacement x-ray machine, co-funding a new ambulance and modernizing other equipment. Particular thanks are due to the hard work by volunteers. 

Jose Cuervo tequila – one of the tours


Lake Chapala Society announces an agreement between LCS, Lakeside School for the Deaf, and Have Hammers Will Travel. All three non-profit groups will share in the operation and profits of the Casi Nuevo Thrift Shop at Hidalgo #95, Riberas del Pilar (across from the 7-Eleven). The LCS share of proceeds will go to support LCS’ Community Education Programs: Student Aid, Computer Training, Children’s Art, English as a Second Language, Remedial Learning, and others.

Also, there will be a drop box near the Video Rental office. You need not be a member to support this new venture. Bring surplus clothing, household and electrical items to the drop box. For larger household items and furniture, call Richard Williams at 766 – 1303 to make arrangements for pick up from your home.

Volunteers are needed to help in the Thrift Shop. If you have retail or thrift shop experience or just like meeting people, we want you! The Thrift Shop is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 – 3:00. We will work around your schedule.

Have Hammers, Will Travel teaches local youth vocational skills in carpentry twice a week at LCS and will soon open a shop in Chapala. Lakeside School for the Deaf  provides hearing aids, testing, speech therapy and more through the school in Jocotepec, which has 100 children.

Lakeside Little Theatre news:

LLT invites all members who volunteered in any capacity during the 2009 – 2010 Season to our annual Applause Party on Saturday, April 17 from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Theatre. Lakeside Little Theatre thanks all of its enthusiastic and generous volunteers, members and patrons for another successful season. 

Season 46 plays and directors (2010 – 2011) in order of production:

1.  Our Lady of the Tortilla by Luís Santeir, directed by Sally Jo Barlett, scheduled to run October 2 – 10, 2010

2.  Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, directed by Shirley Appelbaum, scheduled for November 6 – 14, 2010

3.  Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig, directed by Roger Tredway, running December 11 – 19, 2010

4.  Tribute by Bernard Slade, directed by Allen McGill, playing January 15 – 23, 2011

5.  The Pajama Game by Richard & Eleanor Stromberg, choreography by Alexis Hoff, scheduled for February 26 – March 8, 2011

6.  The Foreigner by Larry Shue, directed by Robert Coull will show April 2 – 10, 2011

Season tickets are $800 pesos per reserved seat for six plays from October 2010 through April 2011, including LLT Membership. Individual tickets are $150 pesos.

Upcoming play scheduled for the LLT


Love in Action announces the appointment of David Hoogenberg as the new Director of Programs. He understands the importance of communications and in providing information so that people can be effective in their roles. David’s career spans different areas, like the 20 years spent in the Canadian military (air force) where he was an instructor in the avionics and electronics areas. He was also a senior supervisor in the areas of Quality Assurance and Flight Safety. Later he started his own Information Technology business before deciding to live in Mexico.

A recent volunteer to the Comida (lunch) Project, Johnny Phillips has experience operating professional kitchens. He and his team provide Thursday Comida at LIA. Johnny also has plans for training older girls at the Center to organize a kitchen and to prepare this noonday meal. The skills could come in handy in their future lives and careers.

Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.:

May    9            RosemaryDineen – new beginnings               

May  18           Tim Shubert         

May  25           Not known as yet

Jun     2            Not known as yet

Says Todd Stong, Open Circle speaker for April 18, there are five priorities he wants to work on for Lakeside’s near future:

1. Build a sample wetland at the Jocotepec end of the lake, providing a tertiary (third level) backup for water treatment by filtering lake water through the sand at the base of the wetland; an engineer is needed to head up this project

2. Build a beach, a real beach with all the facilities, in the immediate area south of the pier in Ajijic to about La Nueva Posada

3. Install greenhouses for hydroponic growth of vegetables, employing  about 50 people

4. See a ferry start up between the north shore and Tuxcueca on the south shore, places with food, entertainment and vendors on both ends, plus perhaps connecting vehicles, like buses, taxis


Todd Stong


VIVA! La Musica summer schedule starts with the Philharmonic. The orchestra will play all the Beethoven symphonies; bus trips depart:

Jun 6, 10:30 – Beethoven symphony No. 5, Tedesco guitar concerto

Jun 11, 4: 30 – Brahms piano concerto No. 1, Beethoven symphony No. 2

Jun 20, 10:30 – Beethoven violin concerto, Beethoven symphony No. 7

Jun 25, 4:30 – Mozart clarinet concerto, Beethoven symphony No. 4

Jul 2, 10:30 – Beethoven symphony No. 6 and No. 8

Jul 9, 4:30 – De Falla, Reineke flute concerto, Beethoven No. 3

Jul 18, 10:30 – Beethoven symphonies No. 9 and No. 1

Please call Marshall Krantz at 766 – 2834. Your reservation is not confirmed until payment is received. Tickets are $200 pesos for members and $300 pesos for non-members. The bus will stop for dinner at a good restaurant in Guadalajara before Friday evening concerts.

Season tickets go on sale at LCS June 1 – June 17: members $1,100 pesos. Single tickets are $250 pesos for members and $300 pesos for the opera. Non-members pay more. Mark your calendars for these events:

Jun 17             Piano Trio: Joel Juan Qui, Chris Wilshere, Igor Konstantin

Jul 15               Jalisco State Chorus

Aug. 19            Issac Ramirez, cello; Andres Sarre, piano

Sep. 14            Ensemble Filarmonica: Luciano Perez; soprano, Dolores Moreno

Oct. 21             Rigoletto, a fully staged opera, directed by Luís Rodriquez


Opera Rigoletto


VIVA is proud to announce the group has awarded Manuel Castillo $1,000 USD in support of his upcoming trip to Rome, Italy, to sing Alfred, the leading role in Die Fledermaus in July. For more information, see our web site at

A few weeks ago as we were returning from a bit of social time, we paused to watch a local worker emerge from a shop, newspaper in hand. He paused under the street light to open the pages and read. We hear so many concerns about Mexicans reading. They boast a 97% literacy rate at or above the minimum sixth grade education. Clearly, they read. What we want to encourage is education at jobs that are just now evolving in their growing economy, like hydroponic greenhouse growing of vegetables and fruits or computer skills for a whole raft of uses in business and elsewhere.

Man Reading Newspaper


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