STAY HEALTHY! – September 2010


By J. Manuel Cordova, M. D.t

Medicine Of Tomorrow Is Here Today


Confusion seems to be everywhere when it comes to healthcare. Many times people get very confused because there is so much information from so many sources about remedies, treatments, supplements, cures, the magic solutions, and so on.

The internet, of course, is a resource for us all, but remember, anyone can put information on the internet. Sometimes a little information can be more damaging than no information at all.

Medicine of the Future that’s Here Today is offering exciting and new options for patients around the world. You, the patient, now have many more choices than you’ve ever had before. In order to make the right choices, however, some of you may need to open your minds to ‘new’ options and start an action plan in order to achieve your very best health.

For you, the patient, researching options and continuing education is all part of the process. Physicians from around the world are doing the same thing, researching options and continuing education to find the best cures for their patients. Fortunately, physicians can communicate in a global environment today and open new doors that will ultimately lead them to the right answer.


1.  Cancer and other diseases can only exist in your body when your Acid levels are too high and your body pH level is too low.    

2.  All food and drink is either Alkaline or Acid. An average daily guide for eating should be 75% Alkaline and 25% Acid. 

 3.  You should have your body pH tested regularly. Check with your doctor to find out if testing is available in their office.


4.  Many diseases are the result of poor nutrition and/or lack of various nutrients and enzymes in the body.

5.  Once a disease is diagnosed, the treatment and remedy will be determined based on the ‘severity’ and ‘how’ your body responds to treatment. 

6.  The longer a disease goes undetected and untreated in your body, the more difficult it will be to cure.


7.  Each person’s digestive system is unique. The impact on your body of Food, Vitamins, Supplements, and Medications are all influenced by your own digestive process.

8.  Many people have poor digestion and don’t even know it. Poor digestion does not allow proper nutrients to travel as they should throughout the body.

9.  As people age, the digestive tract becomes more delicate and can change.

10. Oral Vitamins and Supplements do not provide your body with 100% of their labeled content. Even the best digestive system is considered to ‘absorb’ only about 40-50%.

11. Some Liquid drops and drinks absorb better than pills.

12. Certain suppositories are more effective than pills from an absorption standpoint if taken as a medication. An example is EDTA suppository used for detoxing the body.

13. Intravenous Vitamin infusions are 100% absorbed directly into the blood stream.

14. The best test to determine the amount, and type, of heavy metals in your body is a hair test. Sometimes Urinary Tests and Blood tests can detect certain problems, but not all.

15. Certain lipstick, cosmetics, deodorant, toothpaste and hair dyes are a few products that may contain harmful toxins.

16. If you do not cleanse your body of harmful toxins, they will eventually cause serious health problems.

17. Bad things can hide in your body and stay dormant for long periods of time. If your physician does not order the proper test, it will go undetected.

A good Prevention and Wellness lifestyle is best for a long and healthy life!

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