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The former LAKESIDE LIVING editor of El Ojo Del Lago has laid down her pen to rest. She was a writer and film maker of choice. We will no longer be able to have her voices of summer, fall, winter, and spring because Ruth has gone on to another reward.
Ruth Ross, born in May, 1925, became an icon on the Mississippi River paddle-wheel river boats, during the 1930s. She is the first recorded paid singing performer to be booked traveling from the mouth of the Mississippi to New Orleans.
One day she answered a call to record a song for a documentary film being made by Robert Merrimer of Keystone Productions. She met Bob, fell hard for his charm and fame, and they were married. In 1967, the two film-makers traveled throughout Northern Mexico. The Director of Tourism, discovering their talents, traced them down and hired them to make many films over the next 10 years for the Mexican Department of Tourism, headquartering in Puerto Vallarta.
When Robert passed away, Ruth decided to travel to Lakeside to join up with former Hollywood friends Ektor Carranza and Tod Jonson who were also documentary film-makes. Without Bob, Ruth turned to her passion of writing, and wrote several books.
Few of us knew that Ruth Ross Merrimer was terminally ill when she moved to Palm Springs a few years ago to be near her two daughters and her many grand-children in her declining days. May hosts of angels carry her forever on their shoulders. Our deepest prayers go with her remaining family and friends.
Submitted by Tod Jonson
(Ed. Note: Ruth was also a charter member of the Ajijic Writers’ Group, where she was held in great esteem and will be remembered with much affection.)

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