Slumber Party At Conan O’Brian’s

Slumber Party At Conan O’Brian’s

By Michael Cook


conan2The girls from Ajijic, Mexico arrived at LAX about 8:30 A.M., were met by a chauffeured limo and whisked to Warner Bros. studio in Burbank. It had all started when Michele sent in their entry to Conan O’ Brian’s, “Spend 4 days and 3 nights in our studio B and B” contest.

Michele’s entry was all in fun, but about three weeks later they were notified they were one of four finalists from thousands of entries. Then the public voting started, THEY WON!

The staff met them at the studio but no one had thought about what they were going to do with them. It didn’t take long for the girls to realize that their participation was going to be exactly like the rest of Conan’s show, AD LIBBED! Although there was a minimal script, everything was decided at the last moment. The ladies, Michele Bernier, Linda Howard and Lil Lewis, met Conan and he took them on a filmed tour of the studio. The first stop was the celebrity on-stage couch which made into a bed and was where they slept for the next three nights. Conan ended up making the bed and jumping in with the girls. This drew a lot of laughs when aired that night.

They were on the show for four nights, never knowing exactly what was going to happen. They were filmed while they slept in their Conan O’ Brien pajamas and while they were in the, “Green Room,” waiting to go on. They met the various guest stars and totally enjoyed Tom Selleck and Fabio. Fabio watched part of the show with them in their dressing room, sitting on the couch with his arm around them.

The show provided them a car and driver/aide for sightseeing and to run errands and the staff treated them like family. They went out one night with some of the staff and gained entry into some of L.A.’s most exclusive clubs. When they returned to the studio around midnight, the staff had hired actors and a horse to pretend to wander around their bedroom/stage while they slept. They didn’t finish filming until 2:00 A.M. and that skit was such a big hit, they filmed the next night.

Michele, Linda and Lil had the time of their life and brought back memories that will last forever. They all agreed that the star of their experience was Conan. He was warm and friendly and treated them as equals. “You hear so many stories about Hollywood egos, but Conan was a truly nice guy,” said Linda.



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