Single And Female In America

Single And Female In America

By Pat Percival


elderly-womanI consider myself a graduate of Women’s Liberation, and what does that really mean? Well, in my opinion, the most memorable event was the birth of the Birth Control Pill which led quickly to the celebration of the end of the dreaded monthly wait…and wait… and wait. Whew, lucky again.

And what about money and business and banking? When I left government service to begin my own business, I approached my bank and what were their questions? Don’t you have a husband, or a father or a brother or even an uncle to co-sign for you?

Well, as a matter of fact I did not. Result? A business checking account but no line of credit.

A group of us formed a statewide organization called Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon. And what was our initial victory? We convinced the local hotel/motel industry to stop announcing to everyone in the lobby our room number. And shortly thereafter hair dryers were put in the rooms. Wasn’t that enough?

It took more than a year to convince one of the major chains that we should be served in the bar according to when we sat down, not after every man had been waited on.

And do you remember the 1 o’clock shuffle? It may still exist here and there. If you did not couple up by then, you were considered doomed to leave as you had arrived…alone.

Some of you are young enough that the concept of equal rights for women is taken for granted. But we are still paid less than men for the same work and the glass ceiling is not shattered nearly often enough.

What about the social side of life? In general, it is still tilted toward couples. Although a single available man is viewed an asset, a single woman is perceived as a threat. And instead of the 1 o’clock shuffle, we have the 6 pm cut-off.

And retirement does not change that. It tends to continue both here in Mexico and the States and Canada as well. For myself, when I travel I do now what I did then—never order room service, go down to the dining room or grab a cab to a gorgeous restaurant, never let yourself be seated close to the kitchen door.

Assert yourself if necessary and be sure to leave a good tip thus countering the idea that women do not tip well.

If a concert or other event is of interest to you and none of your friends are available, go by yourself. The more often you do that, the more comfortable you will become.

Hey all you women—we all deserve the very best there is in everything. Go for it!



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