Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Regarding Cosmology and Theology, what was it that God created in six days before he rested on the Sabbath? Was it the entire universe? The Bible tells about the earth and the sun, and the lesser light of the moon. But I think the Bible is mistaken when it says that God also made the stars of the night. 

My skepticism is how God was able to exceed the speed of light, since some of creation is millions of light years away from the earth, making the accomplishments of six days of work impossible to believe. We know that He was tired and had to rest, so He does have limits of exertion. If it were only our own sun and planets that he created, about five or six thousand years ago, then that could make sense.

Furthermore, we may infer that God’s attention was ultimately on Adam and Eve, because He made them in His own image and gave them dominion over the earth and all its creatures. It’s highly unlikely that He had any particular interest in stars and solar systems millions of light years away. If life exists on some of those planets orbiting distant stars, it was created by other gods. That would reinstate the polytheism that the Hebrews so vigorously rejected.

Some stars are a billion light years away. It’s logical that those distant gods would remain unrevealed from this distance, because their holy books remain inaccessible to us. Any supernatural miracles, therefore, are proprietary to specific locations of life in the various solar systems out there. We have walking on water and a virgin birth. Other life, millions of light years from us, may have other miracles, such as beaming individuals to other locations instead of boarding a train.

I think we should forgive God for his stern command “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” We should indulge Him in this, because as a practical matter, the other gods are too far away for us to know them. Given the problem of communication and unimaginable distances, God does not know them, either. So at least in practical terms, we have only one god. In other words, there is not much danger that a god who created a populated planet a billion light years away will ever force the righteous among us to build arks to save ourselves from a Great Flood. Other gods are simply too far away to be a practical danger to us.

That still leaves the God in our own neighborhood to contend with, however. He rained fire and brimstone down on Sodom and Gomorrah, and you know what was going on in those places. Pat Robertson has informed us that we have been sending up “gay” satellites. I have never heard of such a thing, but apparently one of them had a protruding telescope that God mistook for a phallus and He rejected it from its orbit in His heavenly home and sent it crashing back to earth.

Amazingly, it did not crash into a gay bar in San Francisco, smiting all the clientele. Bringing down this particular satellite was probably a shot across the bow, and the next crashing gay satellite will land in San Francisco, for sure, not only because it’s a gay mecca, but also, because it’s the home of Nancy Pelosi, a Socialist.

Fred Mittag

Villas de San Pablo

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