Memories Of Waters

Memories Of Waters



As the waves of Lake Chapala

Grace the sands of Ajijic

I am reminded of distant shores of Lake Minnetonka

Memories of sailing, summer’s warm welcoming airs sending

Our small boat out into the bays.

Of Findhorn, Scotland where warm ocean currents

Send their waters to the shore.

From my hotel window in Cassis, France I see

Cobalt blue waves of the Mediterranean

Knock the boats to sides of wooden docks.

For me, Lake Superior shows off her winter artistry

Throwing up her icy waters forming spectacular sculptures.

In caves on stony beaches in Dar es Salaam I watch a

Large rusty freighter bring refugees from flooded lands of Mozambique.

Indian Ocean’s winds bring our wind powered dhow

To a crystal white sand island.

The old steamer Liemba plays her way down Lake Tanganyika

Creating a wake lapping the edges of Zaire.

All waters are beautiful in their own way.

Rosemary Dineen

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