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Letters to the Editor



LettersToTheEditorDear Editor:

I must compliment the Ojo, their management, and editor, Alex Grattan. You do something the other monthly magazine at Lakeside refuses to do. The Ojo gives the readers the opportunity to rebut the slanted statements of their regular writers. A writer in the other magazine made the outlandish statement in their June 15 issue, “The one undeniably true feature of free thought is intolerance.” He does not know or refuses to admi that free thinkers gave the US the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Abraham Lincoln was a free thinker, who had absolutely no respect for any of the various religions, but worked to end slavery.

If Lincoln had been a Christian, he would have worked to keep slavery as an institution ordained by the Bible God. Without free thinkers, America would be a Christian Nation with very limited religious freedom. It would require all office holders to be Christian.

The writer has relegated religions, other than his own, to be myths and emphasized the barbaric nature of those religions. He has never mentioned the barbaric nature of his own holy book. While his holy book praises rape, incest, religious genocide, human sacrifice, cannibalism and other acts that are totally unacceptable in modern society, he never discusses these issues. However, he degrades other religions for these very acts.

He has declared that science is a religion. If this is true, I would like to see how he would bless himself with the sign of E=MC2. If evolution were not a fact, viruses would never mutate.


“Scientists create artificial life in a test tube”


“My Scientific Discussions of Evolution for the Pope and His Scientists”

I knew Dr. Fox when I lived in Mobile, Alabama. Even though he created life, he never claimed to be the Creator or a god.  Sidney had no respect for any of the various religions. He was a freethinker. I am a freethinker and have no respect for any of the revealed religions or their holy books. I don’t care what a person chooses to believe as long as they don’t try to get the government to endorse those beliefs. When they come into the market place of ideas, I feel free to challenge their ideas and holy book. Neither, will I stand idly by and listen to uninformed people make the claim the USA was founded on Christian principles. I will challenge a lie before it is assumed to be the truth.

Thank you,

Hank Shiver


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