Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I was introduced to Javier Zaragoza a little over a year ago to talk about his ideas for a mural to honor Neill James, Mildred Boyd, Angelita Padilla and the Children’s Art Program. It would be painted in collaboration with another graduate of the program, Jesus Lopez Vega, and was to be located in the back patio of LCS.

Javier’s love and respect for Neill James can be clearly seen in the finished mural. His humility, kindness and generosity are qualities to which the rest of us can only aspire.  It was such a pleasure working with him on this project.

Now, Javier volunteers for the Children’s Art Program on Saturday mornings. He either conducts an art class, or sits with the children to discuss their art one on one.  This summer, he’s also mentoring an up and coming graduate of the program, Luis Enrique Martinez, by giving him free art lessons.

On behalf of the volunteers from the LCS Children’s Art Program, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Javier and to acknowledge his generous contribution.

Danielle Pagé

LCS Children’s Art Program



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