Mi Bailarina

Mi Bailarina

By Gale Griffith



bailarinaShe came dancing through my doorway! My breath caught in my throat as a piece of her passing energy clothed me. She was whimsical. Delightfully whimsical! I strained to study her closely as a flounce of her flaring skirt brushed past my enthusiastic welcome. And then I stared. I stared hard, wanting to absorb both the warmth and the excitement that was generated within me as I gazed at her.

Her eyes, deep set and exceedingly dark, appeared to house many a secret. Yet the wide spread of her smile permitted assurance that no hint of harm had ever befallen her as a result of those secrets.

Her raven hair, braided and piled atop her tilted head and clasped with a huge garden flower, could not help but be the envy of any observer. I wondered with awe how a body brimming with such activity could possibly maintain a hairstyle of such tranquil composure.

Her rebozo, draped perfectly across her lean shoulders, and woven ever-so-delicately ‘round her arms, seemed designed to conceal any imperfection she may not have cared to reveal.

Several weeks earlier, the first time I glimpsed her, I had been mesmerized. And that was the day we met. It was in Ajijic at an eclectic gift shop that we were introduced. Instantly I longed for a more personal relationship with her. She exuded an air of self confidence and subtle mystery. It was easily discernible that she was a dancer—one could tell immediately by the poise with which she manipulated the limbs of her slender and graceful body.The mere sight of her activated emotion within my heart, my mind and my soul. She epitomized life force. She was joy on tip toes. She had the ability to lift the spirits of anyone who set eyes upon her. She transcended time and space.

“How truly fortunate!” I say to myself as I close the door behind us, “That I have made this special person’s acquaintance, visited her several times and made the decision to invite her into my life and into my home. And now that she is here, where indeed shall I hang and display this beautiful, inspiring Roberto Aceves Folklorica Catrina painting that just came dancing through my doorway?”


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