The Night Before Christmas On Mexico’s Coast

The Night Before Christmas On Mexico’s Coast


mexican sunset


It’s the night before Christmas, but I live at the beach.

I’m afraid a white Christmas is out of my reach.

No snow, no sleigh bells, no Santa’s reindeer,

The sound of the surf is all that I hear.


I miss mistletoe and I miss all the holly

Strung lights on my cactus, it wasn’t as jolly

What I wouldn’t give for some eggnog right now

Tequila’s just not as festive somehow.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love living here

But I get a bit homesick this time of the year

When the kids were young, I’d be up until three,

Wrapping their gifts to put under the tree.


They’re all grown up now with lives of their own

Instead of their hugs, it’s a call on the phone

Hey dad, how are you? How’s Christmas down there?

They tell me they love me. I know that they care


It’s enough I suppose and I’m glad that they’re well

Maybe next year they’ll visit, wow, that would be swell

But tonight it’s just the missus and me

And two cats – they’re the reason we can’t have a tree


On the satellite radio I hear Crosby croon

Irving Berlin’s wistful holiday tune

And I realize I’m not the first one to dwell

On Christmases past, we remember so well


But the hour is late, it’s past time for bed

The tequila I’ve sipped has gone straight to my head

So I take my love’s hand and step out for some air

And gaze at the stars hoping Santa’a up there

He isn’t of course, as I’ve known all along,

And that cheery white Christmas is only a song

But I hold my love to me and give her a kiss,

And ask – does it get any better than this?


We live in a tropical heaven on earth

Enjoying good health, aware of its worth

I have everything I’ve ever wanted and more

And a Christmas as white as the sand on the shore

Merry Christmas to all

David Lyons



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