presidente jesus_cabreraPresidente de Chapala, Sr. Jesús Cabrera Jiménez, has set up an efficient task force of six people to be a liaison unit between the foreign community and our Mexican Municipality.  A list of liaison members is:

Ing. Carlos Octavio Mendoza Ruiz, Director of Tourism with the Mayor’s office in our City Hall.  Sr. Octavio is ready to assist in any way he can. He also speaks English. Can be reached daily at 765-2937 or if a written email is needed for reference, you can email

Dr. Paul East Raza, MD, JD, MSC.  Dr. Raza speaks both English and Spanish fluently. Sr. Raza resides in Chapala with easy access to City Hall.

Hank Shiver can easily be reached by phone: 765-3295 or email:

Louis A. Regalado lives in Chapala a short distance from City Hall. Louis’s home phone is 765-6076 or 

Tod Jonson is an Ajijic resident with immediate contacts with each of the other four liaisons His day telephone is 766-4685,  

Dinah DeVry is thoroughly knowledgeable about the Mexican culture and people, lives in Ajijic and handles the problems from Walmart westward. Her number is 766-0944, e-mail:

Feel free to contact any one of these people for quick assistance.

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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