Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

ink penDear Sir:

Re “Of Myth And Reality” in the December issue. Fred Mittag’s article on “the top five myths propagated by Fox News” was interesting in that he quotes as his sources: The Washington Post; Guardian; U.S. News and World Report; ABC news, and others: Regarding the Washington Post. In the 1970s, according to Google, the Post was labeled “Pravda on the Potomac”. To further document its leftist leanings, On Oct. 17, 2008, The Post endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Strange that he should list a British rag, The Guardian, as a source. Google states that: “The paper’s readership is generally on the mainstream left of British political opinion”.

Again, Google describes U.S. News & World Report as follows: “In recent years, it has become particularly known for its ranking and annual reports on American colleges, graduate schools, and hospitals”.

And his last source is listed as ABC News. If ever the mainstream media, with its liberal bias, could be personified, it would be ABC, which rarely reports on anything remotely adverse to the liberal/progressive left.
When commenting on the Occupy Wall Street movement, he states: “The movement is committed to nonviolent protests, having learned from Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King”.

I guess he hasn’t heard of the rapes, murders, unsanitary conditions, and general undisciplined chaos that typifies this rabble. Talk about liberal spin, and at a time when most Democrats are beginning to hold this movement at arm’s length.

Reality check time, Fred!!

Al Trottier


As to Fox’s “low ranking compared to better informed people who rely on other news sources”, Fox is consistently at the top of the ratings when compared to the other main stream media outlets.

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