Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor



Dear Editor,

At about what point, I wonder, does what is intended (one must suppose) as a “humorous” bit of writing become tacky? In “The Charm of Creationism”—Ojo Del Lago, June, 2012, Ed Tasca achieves that distinction right out of the gate–creationism isn’t a “charming” concept to a rational person, Ed, it is merely silly, and the assertion that the First Woman was fashioned by some Ghostly Creator from the rib of the First Man, who then, in the First Act of Divine Incest, impregnated her and thus initiated the population of the Earth, transcends the limits of mere silliness and passes into the boundless empyrean of pure stupidity. Such an idiot’s concept as creation of the Universe by a Divine Being ranks right up there (from the same Book) as talking snakes, women turned into pillars of salt, Holy Ghosts who leave virgins with Child by whispering in their ears, men surviving three days in the digestive tracts of fishes and “the Parting of the Waters.”

I do not wonder that, during your edifying virtual excursion through a Kentucky Creationist Museum you were titillated by Bible stories brought to life by adults—they, doubtless, are descendent of the folks up in Tennessee (prototypical Tea-baggers) who brought us the Scopes Monkey Trial, or those in South Carolina who founded the Ku Klux Klan as “a religious organization dedicated to the obedience of the Word of God, particularly as it applies to the eradication of scientific lies propagated by Athiests, Papists, Negroes and Jews.” –George Wallace

At the end of your insipid diatribe against science you suggest your reader go to the monkeys for answers about evolution. Why would you think that to be of benefit when we have you, a nobler beast further along the chain of evolution—the haranguetang.

Jay White



Ed Tasca Replies:


Dear Jay,

Sorry you are so upset about the little satirical article. But I have to tell you, based on other commentary, you appear to have the oddball distinction of being about the only person in the village who didn’t get the joke. Have you ever considered taking a writing course?

Ojo Del Lago
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