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Jessicas Hope 01I hum the Ant Song. I’m sure that isn’t really the title for it, but you know which song I mean. “Everyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant, but he’s got high hopes, high hopes. Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant.”

While I had been writing articles about this enchanted land around Lake Chapala, CNN was talking about a $360,000,000 lottery to be drawn a few days before Easter. The odds of winning were 715,000,000 to 1. Why do they do it? Why do people line up around the block to buy tickets to a lottery with overwhelming odds against them?

Because they hope. God bless them, they all have hope.

Sometimes when people do really dumb things that get them into the news, we shake our heads and wonder what America or Canada or Mexico is coming to. In the US, there’s a national debt so enormous that $1 trillion dollars is a drop in the bucket and Congress can’t agree on what a basically sound budget should consist of. Oh, get serious. Of course, they can resolve this. It’s about how they look to the folks back home and whether they can get reelected.

But, even with shenanigans in Congress and debt that has cost everybody a bundle, people buy lottery tickets that support their state educational budgets and a whole lot more.

That’s a good thing. They believe in the dream. America is a beacon of hope to people around the world. While Americans may be foolish one day, guardians another day, and wastrels most days, America as a nation remains everything Miss Liberty symbolizes.

So when hardworking folks line up for lottery tickets, they have only one reason for doing it. They believe these tough times precede a new dawn, that’s why. Millions of people are lining up to prove that there is always hope.

So everything really will work out. I guarantee it won’t be smooth sailing, but people are good. I still get upset at times, but I believe in America and Americans as I believed in Canadians when they had to reduce their debt. Americans will solve their problems.

And so will Mexico and Mexicans for there is also an election year here.This is not a promising election year for either the US or Mexico, however. Politicians just can’t win any more. But, that’s OK. We, the people, know what is right. We’ll show the politicians which way to go. And while they figure it out, we still have hope.

Pass it on.

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