To Snip Or Not To Snip

To Snip Or Not To Snip

By Judy Lacy


cosmetic-surgeryWe live in a paradise, the weather is near perfection, the people become like family, and there are more activities to get involved in than we have time for.  So, what could make life better?

Your first answer would probably be more money.  Some of us won’t be able to change our financial status unless we inherit, go back to work, or cut our expenses and stop enjoying this beautiful area. I’m personally not willing to do that.

The second answer might be a healthier body.  With the proper eating and exercise regime, we can certainly improve ourselves. But, you may still have some “old people” attributes—you know, those soft and spongy abs, batwing arms or turtle neck.  I know I can’t look like I did when I was twenty and I’m perfectly happy knowing that time has moved on.  Actually, I don’t regret those years of enjoying great food, a very relaxed exercise program, maybe a bit too much wine now and then. 

So what am I going to do?  Recently I’ve been looking into the possibility of taking advantage of yet another perk of living in Mexico. With the advancement in technology, board certified doctors, and state-of-the-art equipment, Mexico has elevated itself and become one of the world’s best choices for all types of  aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. 

Will I start with a non-invasive procedure such as permanent makeup, sclerotherapy (removal of leg veins), a chemical peel? Or, will I go for a facial rejuvenation? How will I make a decision?

I have talked to several women and men and asked why they decided to take the plunge. They answered, “because I wanted to look the way I feel—still young and full of energy with optimism for the future.” Every single one told me they started their quest with questions, optimism, and a healthy amount of uncertainty. They didn’t proceed until all their questions were answered.

I asked what they would suggest for a plan of action to make the decision, how would I find the right cosmetic/plastic surgeon and what steps should I take in preparation for any procedure. Following is a list of these suggestions:

Make a list of Board certified cosmetic/plastic surgeon in the area who are currently performing the specific procedure/s I’m interested in.

Meet with the doctor/s for an initial consultation to determine their credentials, is the hospital or clinic up to my expectations, does he/she conducted a complete medical history and physical exam prior to deciding what procedure is best for me? Are their any risks relative to my overall health?

Do the doctor and the staff speak English and do they really understand what I would like to accomplish?  Is this the right procedure for me?

Will the doctor give me the emotional support I need? Will he/she be involved in my after care and to what extent? Where will I stay the first few days after surgery?

Contact and interview referrals given by the doctors. Find others who have used this doctor for a similar procedure. Meet with them face to face if possible, or set up a Skype meeting so I can see the results.  Ask for before and after photos.  What were their fears/concerns and did the doctor and the facility help them through the entire process, including recovery?  Most important, would they do it again?

Finally, the cost. If I can’t afford to do everything at one time, is the doctor willing to work with me on a “master plan” that works with my time frame and budget?  This is very important because some procedures need to be done at the same time—it can cost me more if I do things out of sequence.  Here in Mexico, the cost of cosmetic surgery is anywhere from 40 to 75 percent less than the States and Canada. 

It’s a personal decision so take your time and decide whether a cosmetic procedure would really enhance your life. I’m going to continue investigating until I know what’s right for me. So, if you see me coming down the street looking a bit happier, ask me why. I can assure you it won’t be because I have a money tree growing in my back courtyard. Chances are I decided to do a bit of snipping and tucking.

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