A Fond Farewell And A Warm Welcome

A Fond Farewell And A Warm Welcome


lakesidelivingIt is with deep regret that we announce that Shelley Edson’s Lakeside Living column will be her last one. Shelley has written the column for some six months and as we never tired of telling her, she hit the ground running and got even faster with each succeeding month. In that time, she made many friends and gained the admiration of much of our readership. We wish Shelley the best of luck and by way of expressing our thanks, we will always welcome her at our yearly awards luncheon.

Luckily, standing in the wings are two of Lakeside’s most popular people, Tod Jonson and Barbara Clippinger. Tod and his partner, the late Ektor Carranza, handled the column about three years ago. Tod first came to our beloved little corner of Mexico some 25 years ago and quickly became a super-achiever here, as he had been for many years in the American motion picture industry. (For much more information, check out Paul Jackson’s recent Ojo profile on Tod.) Tod’s e-mail is todoflcs@yahoo.com.

Barbara is new to the Ojo Family, but certainly not to Lakesiders.

She has been the President of LLT, and has directed or choreographed 17 LLT shows. Barbara has been President of CASA, Co-chair for several Fun-raisers for Ninos Incapcitados, and Fashion show narrator for The Red Cross. Her first career was as a professional dancer and choreographer, with credits that include “Golden Boy” on Broadway with Sammy Davis Jr., and with The June Taylor dancers on “The Jackie Gleason Show.” Further, after earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology, she developed and directed programs for battered women, runaway kids, and homeless men and women. Barbara’s e-mail is clippy1020@gmail.com

Adios, Shelley and welcome Tod and Barbara!



For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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