From The Grapevine – March 2012

From The Grapevine

By Robert Kleffel and Noemí Paz

Lakeside’s Most Popular Wines


roberto-y-noemi(Ed. Note: This marks the debut of this column in the Ojo. Welcome, Robert and Noemi!)


We did some statistical research to determine the best-selling wines at Lakeside during the last year. As might be expected, the best-selling wines were not the most expensive nor were they the least expensive. It is our conclusion that these wines represent good value. They are good table wines that can be enjoyed every day and not break your bank. Note: “jug” wines and “boxed” wines were not included in the survey.

There were some surprises, for example, 65% of the wines sold were white wines and 35% red wines. The most popular white wine is the Sauvignon Blanc sometimes called Fume Blanc in California. Wine experts have used the phrase “crisp, elegant, and fresh” as a favorable description of Sauvignon Blanc. It is probably the most versatile wine to pair with food appropriate for white wine. The most popular red wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon. It has been planted in every country that produces wine.

Worldwide, however, Merlot may be the largest selling red wine.

The country which sells the most wine at Lakeside is Chile. This is not surprising because Chile has great wine growing land and climate, sophisticated wine producers and the government supports the export of Chilean wine.

Most Popular Wines by Country


          Red: LA Cetto – Cabernet Sauvignon – About $7.15 USD

          White: LA Cetto – Fume Blanc – About $7.15 USD

United States

          Red: Barefoot – Cabernet Sauvignon – About $8.00 USD

          White: Barefoot – Pinot Grigio – About $8.00 USD


          Red: Yellowtail – Shiraz – About $12.40 USD

          White: Black Swan – Chardonnay – About $10.80 USD


          Red: Chianti Ruffino – Chianti – About $12.50 USD

          White: Vivolo – Pinot Grigio – About $8.10 USD


          Red: Chamarre – Pinot Noir – About $15.00 USD

          White: Chamarre – Cabernet/Grenache – About $11.50 USD


          Red: Torres – Gran Sangre Toro – About $16.25 USD

          White: Marques de Riscal – Blanco – About $13.45 USD


          Red: Viña Maipo – Cabernet Sauvignon – About $5.85 USD

          White: Viña Maipo – Sauvignon Blanc – About $5.85 USD

And the Winner is Viña Maipo

The most popular wines at Lakesides, as measured by sales volume, are the wines that come from Chile’s Viña Maipo Vineyards. Viña Maipo is a part of the Concha y Toro group which has many wineries including Fetzer wineries in California. Viña Maipo winery sells wine to over 45 countries by selling great table wines at a very affordable price.

We recommend that you try wines from the above list of popular wines to broaden your selection of table wines.

Noemí Paz

Robert Kleffel




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