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Dear Sir:

letterI am most upset that our president, as our US Constitution is set up, is not permitted to govern. We need an American Parliamentary Democracy, like in Canada, which will enable our elected leader to carry out his campaign promises.  I have written a political essay/novel presenting many of our present political ills, while promoting Canada’s system of government as an excellent example for how the 99% can take back our government from the rule of money.

I advocate an AMENDMENT to our Constitution that ‘Henceforth the United States shall be governed as an American Parliamentary Democracy.’  We would keep our Bill of Rights, and our House and Senate would become one legislative body.  This change would be brought about by citizen committees in every state acquiring votes for a proposition to ratify the amendment, and then seeing that each state legislature places the proposition on the state ballot. If enough enthusiasm is generated during the signature acquiring process, perhaps our present national legislators will see the writing on the wall and jump on the bandwagon to pass the amendment to change our system of government–prior to the fall election.  Then the votes for ratification will bring about immediate implementation of the change, saving many years from the amendment process.   What I see happening is this:  Our present legislators will vote the amendment into law so that they can say this change in our government took place under ‘their watch.’  

Myrna Shreve


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