The Snowbird’s Lament

The Snowbird’s Lament

By Ardelle Holden



What do you do for a whole six months,
When you are in Mexico for the long Winter Season?
We sigh deep sighs and roll our eyes
When predictably asked this proverbial question.
When first we see the Ajijic sun,
The Welcome Back Season has just begun.
Panteones come alive with Days of the Dead revelers.
Casas have altars outside to their ancestors.
Cohetes crack throughout our siestas
To celebrate villages’ Saint’s Days Fiestas.
The calendar’s full of dates throughout Navidad
Our bistros, restaurantes and cafés are calidad.
When you hear Feliz Año, New Year’s Season is here,
And then Gung Hei Fat Choy around Chinese New Year.
Now, you’re exhausted and you need a holiday,
So it’s off to the beach to do nothing at all, all day.
Three Kings’ Day parties and baby Jesus’ in cake.
If you get one you’re hooked and tamales you’ll make.
You must be the host, on Groundhog Day,
For all of your friends, that’s the price you pay.
Northern Lights Music Festival, Lakeside Little Theatre
On Broadway or Hollywood it does not get much better.
Many great performers like Ballet Folklórico
Keep the lights burning brightly in our Auditorio.
For personal growth, there is writing and painting.
Photograph editing and digital scrapbooking.
At the end of the day, swimming laps calms the brain.
Sunsets from the mirador and meditation, the same.
The northward migration will soon begin,
The Farewell Season of parties fit in
On our calendar pages which hang in tatters.
Touch base with our friends. That’s all that matters.
So what do we do during your Winter Season?
I haven’t begun to give you a reason
To come to Ajijic to see for yourself.
There’s no time at all to sit on the shelf.
Seven seasons we have, (now I sound like Yoda,)
During your Winter Season, (and that’s not a loada.)
Our darling nieta is all that we misses
So spring takes us northward, just for her kisses.


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