A Cat’s Perspective

A Cat’s Perspective

By Liz Hartman



cats-funny-catI was taken from my owner’s home and placed in the animal shelter. I do not know why I am here. I had a nice home and a loving owner. I am very scared. Inside the cattery, I scurried to the top ledge, found a basket, and curled up in it. I was afraid to venture too far from my basket, but the human volunteers brought me food and spoke to me. They were very kind.

I have been at the shelter for a long time. My owner never came to take me home. I am sad. I watch as many kittens are adopted and taken away, but I remain. I am no longer a kitten, but I am a good cat.

A female human visits me on a regular basis. She brings me food and talks quietly to me. She brought a red cat-carrier and the volunteers gently lifted me into it. No! I did not want to go! I was afraid and I howled and cried as I was placed inside. Everyone was saying good-bye to me.

After a brief journey (I was still howling and crying), I arrived at a large home, where I was released from the carrier. Run, run…must run! I charged down a hallway, and through a bedroom door, I scurried under the bed and hunkered down in the corner. No one will find me here. I will stay hidden where I am safe. I curled up in a ball and lowered my head. Where is my owner? I was a good cat. Why was I abandoned? I closed my eyes and entered the world of cat dreams. Perhaps when I awake, I will be home with my owner.

I was awakened by a soft voice calling me “Hobbes.” The voice wants me to come out from under the bed and says, “Come on Hobbes, let’s get some food.” I see small sandals walking away. Mustering up all of my courage, I follow the female human to a bright kitchen where food awaits me.

As I wandered away from the empty food bowl, the female human allowed me to explore my new surroundings. She opened the door to the backyard that had a high wall surrounding it. I stepped out onto the soft grass. It reminded me of my former home. The female human watched me carefully, and I glanced cautiously at her. I hoped she would not abandon me.

The female human continued to allow me to explore my new environment. I encountered many strange noises, which precipitated my customary fur-in-the-air routine and the need to flee. After I became accustomed to my new home, I decided I liked this place. There were comfortable chairs to sleep on, and a long hallway where I could run and stretch. Initially, and because of my abandonment fears, I was concerned when I was left alone in the house, but the female human always returned and called for me as soon as she opened the door. Gradually, my fears of being abandoned began to disappear.

I now have complete run of the house and yard. When I beg for food, it is forthcoming. I am occasionally referred to as a “piggy,” because my new owner thinks I have gained a few pounds and placed me on a diet. I am definitely going to like living here. I can wander around the yard and sleep any place I want—I gave up the under the bed routine—and I love the way my new owner scratches my ears! What more could I ask for…well, more food would be nice.

I am now the designated house cat. My new owner is very kind to me. She lets me sleep on the bed, and she always scratches my ears and speaks tenderly to me. When I found the courage to jump in her lap, she called me a good boy. She scratched my ears and spoke softly to me. I closed my eyes and purred. I am home!


Hobbes is a gray tabby, approximately two-years old, that was delivered to the animal shelter after his owner passed away. He remained at the shelter for almost three months before he was adopted. He now lives comfortably with his new owner.


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