By Lisa Jorgensen
Reviewed by Francine Britton



moving-to-mexicoA big thank you to Lisa Jorgensen for writing this book! I read through it just as I was approaching my sixth month of living as a newly-minted retiree in Ajijic, Mexico and knew for sure that Lisa Jorgensen had ‘been there and done that’ on every single page. I thank Lisa for writing this book.  In doing so, she has created the ultimate resource for anyone thinking of, dreaming of, or actually planning to move to Lake Chapala.

Lisa’s solid research, fact-finding, trial and error problem solving, and persistence in finding the correct answers to questions, the right directions to places, and the correct people to talk to is very timely, useful and extremely relevant. Most books on moving to Lake Chapala were written at least five years ago and laws and requirements have changed.

 Especially helpful is the process that takes a reader from entering the country on a tourist visa to acquiring residency status with answers to the “who, what, when, where and how” of each process.

Lisa’s voice of reason separates the facts from fiction, rumors from truths, and will be useful in the decision-making process, whether the person reading her book plans to retire, semi-retire or commute back and forth to the States every six months on a seasonal basis.

Lisa’s style, mixed with anecdotal information, wit and humor, takes the book into the realm of pleasure reading. Her perceptions as she integrates into full time living in the Lake Chapala area are insightful, grounded in reality and give the reader a tremendous fund of knowledge.

Once a decision to move to the Lake Chapala area is  made, the ‘to do lists’ simply help things fall into place as the reader checks off each milestone toward moving day. 

Practical information about customs, etiquette, culture, and ways of life in Mexico are also covered. Lisa also provides essential information about culture, learning Spanish, customs, economy, financial requirements and local, state, and national politics for the newly-minted ex-pat. 

My only regret in reading the book was that I did not have this insightful, informative book to read before I moved to Ajijic in March of 2012, it would have saved me hours of time, days of decreased anxiety and many months of trying to figure out to do this move on my own.

I left Massachusetts on March 1, and drove through the US into Mexico and down to Lake Chapala. I successfully crossed the border, and arrived to start the latest chapter of my life. Meeting Lisa, getting to know her these past few months has been a true joy. Enjoy her wonderful book!

Ed. Note: Copies can be found at Lake Chapala Society Bookstore, Diane Pearl’s Colecciones, and Book Store in the Bugambilias Plaza (among others).


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