July 2015

Editor’s Page – July 2015

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez For more editorials, visit: http://thedarksideofthedream.com Famous Last Words By Some Famous Folks   (Wherein we invite our readers to choose the quote that would probably best express their own feelings when “the midnight hour finally chimes.”) * Austen, Jane (1775-1817) “Nothing but death.” (When asked by her sister Cassandra if there […]

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Dear Portia

Dear Portia Advice to the Lovelorn, the Dispossessed and the Deeply Disgruntled   The Old Portia! The New Portia! There are no coincidences! Just as Caitlyn Jenner has revealed her stunning new persona (and get that exquisite chassis), I can now reveal my true self. No more hidden by a scruffy exterior, enclosed in a

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Dictator Disease

Dictator Disease By Barbara Harwood   The man has no class.  He wants to be Catherine the Great, but he’s Vladimir the Imposter, a power-grabbing, former KGB thug coveting respectability. His awkward attempts to emulate the greatest Empress in Russian history, specifically her conquest of the lands on Russia’s western boundary, reveal Russian President Vladimir

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Elder Intimacy

Elder Intimacy —Part 2 By Anna Elena BerlinCertified Professional Coach, Experience of Life Researcher   “I can honestly say that nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as believing that I’m standing on the outside of my life looking in and wondering what it would be like if I had the courage to show up

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