May 2016


Ruminations By Robert Drynan   If one reads Middle Eastern and European Medieval history, it is easy to fall into the trap of oversimplifying present events with an overlay of the past. But shortly after the events of September 11, 2001 the President of the United States himself lamentably introduced the term Crusade to define

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Imprints By Antonio Ramblés Channeling Venice   There’s little that words can do to embellish the iconic images of Venice’s canals which have enchanted visitors for centuries. Paintings of these waterways by English Romanticist J.M. Turner, French Impressionist Claude Monet, and American John Singer Sargent are widely published and well known. In the eighteenth and

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Uncommon Common Sense – May 2016

Uncommon Common Sense By Bill Drifting Towards Authoritarianism?   Many people in the United States and, indeed, throughout the world, have become alarmed at the persistent popularity of Donald Trump. Political pundits immediately dismissed him as a serious candidate as soon as he announced his intentions to run for president, and they have been

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La Vista

La Vista By John Thomas Dodds   If there is one thing ex-pats have in common its having travelled far and wide, and one of the things we might have noticed is the human penchant for seeking the high ground. It is the domain of the wealthy and the spiritual, the adventurous and the driven,

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