September 2017


Labyrinth By David Krest   Naomi and Jewel were sitting in the rental car they had driven from the Denver airport to here, a retreat center up Boulder Canyon, in the mountains, Sunflower Retreat. They were here to heal the hopelessness that was consuming them. Jewel’s 12 year old son had recently committed suicide and

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SQUEEZING “THE JUICE”—A Study of LAPD (Police) Evidence “Management”

SQUEEZING “THE JUICE”—A Study of LAPD (Police) Evidence “Management” By Tom Eck   On June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered outside of Nicole’s home in Brentwood, California. Nicole’s throat was slit in a “Columbian Necktie” fashion and Goldman suffered over 33 stab wounds.The two bodies, left in pools of their

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Letters to the Editor – September 2017

Letters to the Editor   Dear Sir: Regarding Mark Gregory’s letter (August Ojo) in response to “Another Victim of Socialism”, an earlier Ojo piece, it always surprises me how Mr. Gregory, a self-declared “solid capitalist, conservative” and many US citizens like him know exactly what “’The Founding Fathers’ (interesting capitalization!) had in mind.” But, then

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Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake By Nancy Greenheart   Rosy blush caresses the mountains. Then Sun above their up-curved rim. Pours his light upon the waters, Makes a dappled path of bright shimmers. Mist arises, excited by Sun’s first kiss. Energy abounds: birds sing morning melodies; The distant rooster crows; nearby cows graze; The flowers awaken; all colors

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Oath By Day Dobbert   Twelve-and-a-half hours after taking the oath, Denis Jones was knocking back his second beer of the day at O’Malley’s, a dingy working stiffs’ tavern on Avenue “B,” around the corner from his dump on East 6th.  He’d stumbled out of bed earlier, but a pounding head had defeated him, and

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