Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

By Nancy Greenheart


Rosy blush caresses the mountains.

Then Sun above their up-curved rim.

Pours his light upon the waters,

Makes a dappled path of bright shimmers.

Mist arises, excited by Sun’s first kiss.

Energy abounds: birds sing morning melodies;

The distant rooster crows; nearby cows graze;

The flowers awaken; all colors come alive.

Swallows glide and dive for breakfast.

The green of trees and bushes soften the blue expanse.

As mist is taken by the Sun that made it,

The deep blue lake’s sparkles spread.

Our Lake Room allows us to see the splendor.

Its great window lets in the radiance.

And later we sit on our flowered terrace

To take our fill of food, beauty and breezes grace.

Our bodies and our minds are content and blessed.

We have found home in this elevated land.

Here the air cleans and refreshes.

We celebrate love and peace. All is grand.


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