Letters to the Editor – September 2017

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

Regarding Mark Gregory’s letter (August Ojo) in response to “Another Victim of Socialism”, an earlier Ojo piece, it always surprises me how Mr. Gregory, a self-declared “solid capitalist, conservative” and many US citizens like him know exactly what “’The Founding Fathers’ (interesting capitalization!) had in mind.” But, then I am only a misguided social democrat from the “utopia” of the great frozen North above the 49th parallel. All I know is that I worked hard at my profession, and in the 35 years before I relocated to Mexico, I never saw a hospital or a doctor’s bill. Now, for the last 15 years I also have enjoyed a pension that allows me to live comfortably – all paid for with income tax deductions from my monthly paycheck. In addition, I also paid property taxes on houses I owned and a small ranch which went towards the infrastructure and services of the city or the county where I lived and the schools, even though I did not have any children.

Something else that also amazes me is the ready-made meaningless phrase “God bless Texas” or the USA, with which such nonsensical hogwash ends. I believe that “God” could not care less about the US or any other country. I am sure, however, that Mr. Gregory and others who use this predictable ending know exactly what was in God’s mind when he or she let the US steal Texas from Mexico or Guantanamo from Cuba or allowed Russia to steal the Crimea from the Ukraine. As a “Christian” – though I am not sure if in Mr. Gregory’s eyes being Catholic counts – I also know this: Capitalism and Imperialism are in my book the most un-Christian ideologies, at least based on the words of that revolutionary called Jesus Christ. I don’t recall Him ever saying: After I performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, I sold them to the hungry multitudes at a markup.

And as far as volunteer work like sponsoring refugees or delivering food hampers to the poor, one does that as a human being, Christian or not, in addition to any government programs that may exist. God bless “socialist” Canada.

Karl Homann



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