August 2009

Lakeside Living – August 2009

Lakeside LivingBy Kay Davis Phone: (376) 766-4774or 765-3676 to leave messages Email: August2009       Events are listed by date, like a calendar: past events, then those planned for the future. Some organizations offer multiple events or dates, and these items appear toward the end of the column.       July 3 Chapala Country Club members and guests …

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Domain of the Scorpion – August 2009

Domain of the Scorpion By Robert Bruce DrynanReviewed by Kay Davis   Bob Drynan’s pulse-pounding thriller is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War at its peak, in the midst of narcotics trafficking and Marxist guerrilla activities in Columbia and Venezuela. Ex-marine Ryan Haggarty, working in Venezuela as a petroleum geologist, meets Anne Ferguson, …

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