Editor’s Page – December 2013

Editor’s Page

By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez

The Bottom Line


newspaperOur readers might have noticed that the Ojo recently celebrated its 30th birthday. Over these past years, we have developed many popular features, established a highly professional sales and office staff and published the work of many hundreds of talented writers—all of which has done much to establish us as the premier magazine here at Lakeside. But as in any enterprise, the financial bottom-line is not the only criterion. We are equally proud that we have tried to give something back to our community by way of free publicity/space every month (in most cases) to the following groups for the following reasons.

Ninos Incapacitados—does a marvelous job aiding Mexican children with serious disabilities.

The Tepehua Project—whose members work valiantly to improve the living condition of people who inhabit one of our most poverty-stricken areas.

Front Row Center—carries reviews of many theatrical events, thus demonstrating appreciation for our many talented theater people.

Ojo Annual Literary Awards Luncheon—does much to honor the wonderful writers at Lakeside whose contributions make life here more culturally diverse.

The Lake Chapala Society Newsletter—we carry the news from the LCS, Lakeside’s major organization, to many thousands of our residents, as well as countless others we reach through our website of Chapala.com. (Currently receiving more than 11 million hits per month.)

Jaltepec Centro Educativo —is a Technical University for young women from poor families, teaching them Hotel and Hospitality Management, skills that will not only improve their lives, but those of their families and communities, as well.

The Ojo Classified Section—carries a large number of ads to our readers at no cost to either the sellers or buyers.

The Ojo Web-Board—serves as a huge conduit for issues that are important to our local community.

Obituaries—honoring those who have passed on, giving our readers some appreciation for the many people who have contributed so much over the years to enrich our beloved little corner of Mexico.

Focus on Art—wherein we promote and publicize the work of visual artists whose work deserves special recognition.

Los Ninos de Chapala (NCA)/Educating Lakeside Ninos—has been “nurturing the minds, bodies and spirits of children since 1977.”

Local Orphanages—During the Christmas season, we allocate two entire pages or inserts  (without ads of any kind) in our December issue to publicize and promote the many orphanages around the Lakeside area

All by way of saying that at El Ojo del Lago, we have long been aware that the bottom-line is not the only line.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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