Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron




Gray white plume and slate blue wings,
Great Blue Heron, breasting the breeze;
Ancient bird, fisherman in springs,
Gliding o’’er my Lake Louise.

Great avian pedestrian,
Your stately stride is dignified,
Unlike your fellow pelican.
And big broad wings soar six feet wide.

Arrow speed, you spear to fishy depths;
You shatter murky glassy green,
An uncoiled snake, your S-shaped neck,
And beveled beak—your guillotine.

A floppy fish of flappy tail
And jerky head in just a blink;
You strike a pose—insouciant male.
You swallow whole; you take a drink.

I watch you at a distance, impressed;
Your yellow bead eye regards me.
Which of us is truly self-possessed?
You preen indifferently…

Mark Sconce

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