The Lost Ballad Of Deity Holstein

The Lost Ballad Of Deity Holstein




A child sits on a curb at the age of four
The crowd wonders “Is a young boy at the door?”
An old gray man lost in nature’s own grind
soon places himself in a wee lad’s mind

Neighbors arrive looking for a small tot
who playfully thinks about fun a lot
Thin-haired old man lost in nature’s tight lock,
sad, sits at the curb on Riverton’s block

Police arrive and parents fret
Their baby taken away, that’s not known yet
A wrinkled old man now laughs and thinks
“Happy days past and youthful high jinks”

Both Mom and Dad frantic, milling about
Deity Holstein smiles and then starts to pout
A rather young senior stands up at last
Deity Holstein is starved and needs a repast

“Nice little kid,” M’am, sure hope he’s OK”
Up for lunch he climbs, with saunter and sway
Charmed old man’s dreams have quickly passed
Deity Holstein is home at last!

Walks the halls of 11 Riverton Drive
Child’s play ended when he was about five
“Sure, many more years!” now shouts aloud
Suddenly giving hope to the gathered crowd

Alas, young Deity’s gone, no more we need know
His demise took place when the strong winds did blow

An old gray man lost in nature’s own grind
Deity Holstein has left no relics behind.

Tom Halley

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