Doors of Ajijic

Doors of Ajijic

By Antonio Ramblés AKA Tony Passarello


laguna-talesIf eyes are windows to the soul, doors must just as surely express the soul of a home.

Doors have special significance in Spanish colonial architecture, which cloisters intimate living spaces in courtyards hidden from the street.

It’s easy to pass these doors every day without giving them a second thought.

As a collection, though, they paint a unique picture of the village that’s authentic, personal, and spontaneous.

Doors here come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are crafted in materials ranging from wood to wrought iron.

Some are simple and others ornate.

Some are formal and others whimsical.

Some are reflections of the Old World and others are distinctively Mexican.

Some merely hint at what lies behind, and others provide a teasing glimpse.

It can be as entertaining to speculate on what lies behind them as to actually know.

If you haven’t seen these, enjoy them.

If you’ve seen some of them in passing, take a second look because there’s often more here than can be taken in with a single glance.







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