Grumpy, Grouchy, and Griping

Grumpy, Grouchy, and Griping

By Carol A. Curtis


GrumpyOldWomanOh, my god! Another sunny day in Mexico! The almost constant, nice weather puts me in a continual foul mood, and the day has hardly begun. I mean it’s irritating to have the sun foisting its rays down on us so often. What I wouldn’t give for some grey, rainy times. Well, only if it rained for an hour in the middle of the night and turned overcast during my nap time.

And the birds! Will they just shut up! Can’t they let a person sleep in a little longer? What do they have to be so happy about? OK, there are lots of flowers and insects to feed upon and there aren’t tall buildings to avoid, but their cheerful tunes make me nauseous. If it’s not the birds, it’s the terrible racket from the propane and water trucks. Why do the trucks have to announce themselves?   Really, can’t people just come out and wait quietly on the street for the trucks to come by?

Next come the children and their parents headed to school. They make their way laughing and talking. Me? I believe in silent lines, none of this family joy so early in the morning. Just as I settle down with my coffee that, I’ll have you know, I have to make from freshly ground beans since there’s no Starbucks nearby, I have to put up with the Fabulosa truck on the street. If people just wore clothes that needed dry cleaning, I wouldn’t have to put up with this added irritation.

And it doesn’t stop there. I have to traverse the topes to get anywhere. Why can’t they just install four ways stops every block? I would be happier sitting at the lights than traversing over speed bumps. And even when I treat myself to lunch in a restaurant, I’m inflicted with really slow service and exorbitant prices. Why does it take so long for the wait staff to take my order? Don’t they know I’m retired? It can be three minutes for someone to pay any attention to me.

Why don’t the restaurants hire a wait person for each table? As if that’s not bad enough, when I order I have to wait for the cooks to prepare the food. There aren’t any pre-made dishes under warming lights in Mexico. They need to get as advanced as the USA restaurants. Who needs fresh food prepared to my order anyway? And the prices here are ridiculously high, also. Just what is a restaurant thinking when it charges 90 pesos for fish and chips, cole slaw, fresh bread, French fries, and a drink? I mean that’s $6.80 in the States. I could drive through McDonalds and eat my burger in the car with the heater going and the wipers keeping the snow off my windshield for the same price!

Another gripe I have is how those up North don’t understand how tough I have it here. My son, who lives in northern New Hampshire, was complaining about the weather in March. It was negative 15 degrees and two more feet of snow had been added to the mounds already on the ground. This caused power outages, rough driving conditions, and really high heating bills. So what, junior! We lost our power for an hour last Saturday. I have to drive through the tight, cobblestoned roads around the lake area hoping to come home with my rear view mirror still attached to my 1-ton truck. And costs? Well, we now have to pay a whopping 800 pesos in property taxes. Don’t whine to me, kid.

I just don’t get why there aren’t more grumpy people down here in paradise.


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