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Barry Foster

Hi Herbert, I found this article as well as your May 2014 article on La Ola to be very interesting. It is nice to see that these young girls have a safe place to stay with people who love and care for them. It is too bad that there are not more Safe Homes available to these girls as well as young boys. It appears that Mexico is starting to realize that such places are required in many communities. I enjoyed the History lesson on Moctezuma as well.
Keep up the excellent work,

Your friend, Barry Foster.

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Focus on Art – September 2012

Bob DeLong

Milo, I have been trying off and on for years to connect. We were friends in Mexico at UDLAQ in 1968 when you had the 52 Chevy. I was friends with Dewey and the entire gang. I live in New Zealand now but would love to make contact. Good years back then. Bob


Jack London’s People Of The Abyss

John Paddock

Sad, but true. Thanks for the reflection.


The Bunker Mentality In Albania


I lived in Tirana from 2007-2009. My maid would take me to the bunker where she learned how to shoot. It was eerie. A mentality that I never fully understood. I have a souvenir pen holder in the shape of a bunker. Great story – very accurate.


It’s Okay To Get Old—Everybody Does It, Sooner or Later!


Hello, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was funny. Keep on posting!


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