Escape From The American Scheme

Escape From The American Scheme

By Ron Knight


security bankMy last six months back in the States, I’d taken the time to close up all of my credit cards, one way or another. I no longer live my life as “being due” on the 7th, due on the 9th, due on the 12th, due on the 15th and due on the 26th;  swirling though an endless cesspool of interest that never goes away and keeps us all at bay, the way “third world” countries never get to release their debt. About one month back, I received a letter from my bank. After being with them for over 20 years, seven accounts from businesses to personal, mortgages and new revolving lines, they were closing my business account! When I called to inquire “what the flock?” the local point person replied that this wasn’t a singling out review on me.

This is happening to over 60,000 businesses across America in one fell swoop, with the global corporate making a decision to drop a least productive bottom line. And it is happening in seven regions of the world as well. They expressed that “We’re only tendering businesses which can use our international services.” What?! I exclaimed. I AM an international business! Worldwide clients and agency for enterprises in Australia, Germany, and all the money I ran through your banks from China, What do you call that if not international? And now, I’m in Mexico!” Sorry, they reply, once a decision is made “from the platform” there is no one to talk to. Best move your money.

So we bail out the largest of the banks, which means now they should be owned by the people; the taxpayers who now loan to the banks. In turn, the banks do not loan back to small and mid-size business, nor re-modify the notes on our homes until they age you by 20 years, and by way of process turn you into completely damaged goods for any more finance notes. They do take our money in the wave of a Presidential decision and run.

Here, life in Mexico is more a cash and carry society. You pay for what you need as you get it, and you seem to get it as you need it.  These are simpler ways and times. That bank grants its customers “Premiere” status and perks if you keep a real significant sized chunk of idle cash in their bank; and by idle, I mean not really earning any interest, but certainly allowing them to hold and use it. Here in Mexico, that same bank grants “Premiere” status with the same perks at just 40% of the requirement. I think I like being just 40% of the financial man I used to be. 

Health? My PSA has tested just fine for the past 9 months, well under the acceptable top level of 3.9, and so it seems the need for the witch hunt for cancer has abated – for now. I am left only with hemorrhoids, like so many Americans. My last visit to a surgeon had him proclaiming a frightened cry for Stage 4 surgery. Of course, that’s what surgeons do… they surge. He insisted we need to schedule right away! I called my “letter just received now being canceled under the new AHCA” health insurance company, to ask if it would be covered and what it would cost? Along with a last year’s suggested TURP, they said, “Yes. Adding it up, just think of this as wiping out your deductible.” I acknowledged it would do that along with the rest of my savings account. I thought it through, and as far as my relationship with that doctor, I said, “What? Me? You? Why? The whole world has become a pain in the ass.”

Now back in Mexico, it seems the Stage 4 has abated, I’m using some stuff made in Switzerland, and generally feeling so much better every day. America really needs to get over its almost adolescent preoccupation with capitalizing every preemptive strike and coded procedure to the infrastructure’s profit.

The tiniest of little niñas gets on the bus with her young mama, and hopping in front of my seat, she picks my gaze in her sweet dark chocolate eyes, her hand wriggling from side to side to wave a happy hello to me. I wriggle my hand side to side to wave hello to her, and we both share a smile. The bus today costs just seven pesos to get us where we need to go.

You come to a point where you know you can’t change a system. The only thing left to do, is Change your Mind. 

From the Kindle Book   Escape from the American Scheme

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