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bad-breathMany people have awakened from the American Dream, and sorry to say, they have “morning breath.” Mostly, because we wonder what happened to our country, no matter which side of the body politic you are on, left or right. It’s not about the left or right anymore, it’s perhaps deeper than that.

As ex-pats, I think that most of us have heard and read about the end of the American Economy, or just felt it was all some big mistake, this America that got handed to us from our parents’ parents who came to the America where everyone had a chance, but you had to scramble like a maniac to become something better (note: wealthier, that’s the fundamental battle call of Capitalism) than our poor, working immigrant parents. Interesting is that our poor, working immigrant parents and the descendants before them were rich in story, love, matters of the soul and heart, spirit, humor… and community.

So we leave America, and hope to find something richer, in other ways. In many ways, we decide that in being tired of America, we do leave it. Love it or Leave It. Okay. Thanks. I got the T-Shirt. You’ve given me a choice. I’m doing what you’ve advised. I’m leaving it. Okay?  Oh, now you tell me I’m a bad guy, because I quit and left. Some people stay in touch. Skype is great for that. 

If we are trying to leave America, the thing is: America has expanded. It is everywhere now. Whether it’s the IRS and the U.S. Feds having closed all loop-holes and non-reporting from all foreign or offshore banks, regardless of prior privacy policies or tax haven secrecy locales, successfully demanding fully compliant reporting from all international banks accounts, even from retirement incomes and collecting penalties of up to 30% for non-reports, to even having the U.S. military parked off the coast in Costa Rica. The globe really is the United States’ oyster.

And wherever you go, whatever you are escaping, keep in mind that other Americans who have also left, follow you, or are before you. When Rush Limbaugh claimed he was so mad at Obamacare, he threatened that he was leaving for Costa Rica. One half of the media watching populace said “Yes. Good riddance.” I know another half of us that exclaimed, “Oh no! Well, that takes Costa Rica off my map!”

When I was in Vallarta years ago during the Obama-Hillary playoffs, I was sitting with people who said “Damn, if Obama gets elected, I’m moving here full time to Mexico!” and  others who said “Damn it, if Hillary gets elected, I’m moving here full time to Mexico!” and “Damn! If McCain gets elected, I’m moving here full time to Mexico!”  So guess what? No matter where you move to, if it’s still too damn close, no matter who gets elected, you’re still living with the people you want to get away from!

That can be an issue when opting to move next door, just one country away. 

Most people here and elsewhere think of America North as being a massive, gargantuan conglomerate, an impenetrable infrastructure; in comparative relation, you feel, like a tiniest dust off the back of a little gnat, where if you do make a statement or accomplishment, it comes off as a small puff of a miniscule dent in the machine. In the grander scheme of things. Yes, as the credo says, you can do it.

But at the end of the day, you ask yourself if it was worth it.  

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Escape from the American Scheme


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