Letters To The Editor – July 2014





Dear Sir:


Congratulations on your thorough debunking of the “American Dream.” Your undeniable statistics speak for themselves. I have always felt that the so-called “American Dream” was nothing more than a wet dream that adolescents have before the real thing. The only question remains: Why don’t more US citizens see or acknowledge it? Is it willful ignorance or have they been so brainwashed by political ideology and biased media that they continue to believe in the fairy tales of Lalaland? When will they wake and grow up?
Karl Homann






Dear Sir:

I want to congratulate you on and thank you for your excellent editorial in the June issue of El Ojo. Although it was not your stated intent, and may not have been your intent at all, by pointing out the low rankings of the U.S. in the 2014 Social Progress Index and the Princeton-Northwestern study showing that the U.S. has become a plutocracy, you very effectively rebutted the frankly ridiculous article on Constitutional Conservatives by Robert L. Nipper in the May issue of the magazine.

I must say, however, that Cesar Cisneros rebutted Nipper even more effectively, saying what we gringos could not say.


Kenneth G. Crosby

San Antonio Tlayacapan


To the Attention of Mr. Lorin Swinehart:

Just a brief note to say that after having lived in Mexico for twenty-seven years and read (probably) hundreds of articles on its history, I truly enjoyed (and learned) from the one you just had published in the OJO.

The many reasons, I won’t go into, but your style (factual and informative, while retaining descriptive clarity)—in other words, your fine writing— resulted in a most enjoyable read. 

My thanks, 

Allen McGill




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