Letters to the Editor – 2

Letters to the Editor

LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

The cover to the September “OJO” says it all. I never write back “to the editor” of any periodical, but today I am moved. Loren Swinehart’s thoughtful piece followed by Jim Tipton’s are the best rebuttal I’ve seen to the heartless, MINDLESS outcries against the children seeking refuge across our borders, or should I say the borders of our mother country from which we have sought refuge.

I recently read an on-line editorial about several youths, boys and girls returned to San Pedro Sula by our immigration service. The boys were murdered and the girls forced into prostitution. As with so many editorials these days, the stories may have been apocryphal, BUT ONLY BARELY.

“Must we stand at the top of the stairs and stare down to see if someone will reach out?”  This issue of the “OJO” is one of the most thought-provoking I have read. 

Bob Drynan


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