Letters to the Editor – 5

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorTo The Attention of Lorin Swinehart:

Hola Lorin, I read your piece about Thoreau and I was enchanted. You are an excellent writer. But what really impressed me about your piece was how well you know Thoreau’s writing and how skillfully you painted his portrait with so few words.

Hoping that you might have written a book, I searched for you on Amazon and found a very interesting sounding book about your spiritual journey was no longer available. I was disappointed because I’d love to read it someday. I was glad you also had a fine letter to the editor in the same edition of El Ojo.

That’s how I finally found your email. (Couldn’t find you in any directory.)

Have you thought about speaking at Open Circle? I have a couple of times. It felt good to share my ideas with a pretty open-minded audience.

I hope to be able to meet you in person.

Barbara Hildt




Dr. Swinehart Replies:

Dear Ms. Hildt,

Many thanks for your kind letter regarding my column on Henry David Thoreau. I regard him as one of America’s greatest spirits, one whom we should have heeded more closely than we seem to have done.

It is always great to know that one’s writings are appreciated by readers and, in this case, to know that there are still Thoreau enthusiasts out there.

Lorin Swinehart


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