Return To Sender

Return To Sender

By Bernie Suttle


return-to-senderOut of the universe, beyond time, just outside man’s conception was the virtual office.

“Good morning, Sir. Another nice day.”

“Of course it is Gabe. Anything new happening down below?”

“Not really; same as before”.

“Give me a rundown”.

“Five full-fledged wars, two broken truces with fighting, three insurrections or revolutions. Twelve-hundred killed so far today”.

“My, my!  What’s the mail like?”

“Two bags of prayers for peace.  A bag for the Queen of Peace and one full of novenas offered for various requests like money, better jobs or cures for addictions and even some for lower golf scores. Boy! They’ve really got a mess going on down there.”

“Gabe, I can’t understand why they don’t fix all that. I gave them all the resources necessary and the free will to do it. But they just haven’t done it. It’s their world; they can do whatever they want with it. Why call on me, an outsider?”

“Sir, shall we send another flood to put an end to this mess and all their irresponsible requests?”

“No. No. I made them in my image and likeness and I believe that they’ll finally get it.”

“Most of them have some religion, Sir. That should help”.

“Yes, religions are OK as long as they don’t cause conflict and harm. I don’t need their prayers as much as they need to pray.”

“Humans have developed great medical sciences, economic systems, transportation miracles, moon shots, agricultural wonders, but they have not yet resolved the needs of mankind. They can’t use God for anything. All they can do is appreciate the world given to them.”

“No, Gabriel, I like them; hold off on the floods. I believe in them whether they believe in me or not. They can do it. I just wish they would stop hoping for me to solve the problems that they have caused and take care of them themselves. I’d like to send all those bags of requests back to them marked ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ and as to the golfers I can only say, ‘Keep your head down and follow through on your swing.’”


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