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Nubia Ayala Vasquez

Great article! People that have not worked in fields, dairy farms, etc. believe or assume that those kinds of jobs are easy and not dangerous. Never in my mind did I think my husband Randy Vasquez would not return the next morning. I also thought he was safe at work but boy was I wrong. Any kind of farm work is very dangerous. Some people just don’t take the time to really see what’s going on.



Well, I would like to know if you can make jokes about the pronunciation of a Mexican person in English, you could be able to learn Spanish as well.
Not everything is about pronunciation. You guys can´t speak a good Spanish, but we don´t laugh at you. I agree the most difficult part of English is the pronunciation, but in Spanish are the verbs and pronouns. Are just different languages as you said.

SHANGHAI—Loved and Lost

Elizabeth Ewen

An excellent book! This family saga brought Shanghai to life from its heyday to its decline, and gave a perspective to the political history while recounting the fascinating adventures Eric and Sam Colterjohn. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend “Shanghai – Loved and Lost”.

Lakeside Living – October 2010

Jack Webster

Hi. I am trying to track down a classmate of mine from the 1976 graduating class from University of BC’s Law Faculty, Susan Bruhaug. I see she is prominent on this web page. I am one of the organizers of a 40th anniversary celebration of our graduation and I was hoping that someone might know Susan’s email or contact particulars so that I could send her an invitation to the event which is in June 2016. Many thanks.

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