The Music You Love

The Music You Love


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The music you love no longer plays

at the top of the charts

the melody that rattles in your

morning mind is vinyl

stages of your life begin and end

like mile markers on the interstate

remembrance becomes a veteran’s parade of wars

with the newest and the oldest stepping in time

supposing there’s a logical reason you are known

by what you did, and where it all began,

somehow it chaffs of greatness bending to the whims

of what matters for what was left behind

what remains after the flood, the drought,

the insanity of scorched earth and genocide,

is the cream that always rises to the top,

and always will – a common lesson

in gratitude for the moment and a promise

of better things to come, just because

it makes sense.

songs grow old and lose their shape,

memories lingering long in the recesses of the mind

ever present, we wait for the future

to sit down beside us, and listen to the music.

—John Thomas Dodds—


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