I See Things

I See Things



The two of blue is one and the light in the right has gone

The day no longer exists to cast long shadows

So I hold onto the memory of beauty that it did see

And hence the left it holds the key

To focus not on thee

But things that go on beyond the realms of reality

True blue the eye of creativity

Because I see things

The star burst flashes

The floating periods

Have given way to orbs

A trinity of owls

Who morph again into faces dressed in gowns

They dance then blend into one entity

Then split

So doth giving rise to inspiration

My orbs become not just an illumination

But a message of transcendental energy of thought

Because I see things

I think now that I see more than I did before

That gives me succor to my heart my core

A blade of grass is tipped in virgin dew

And in the sun it sparkles and drips of you

Barefoot you walk and bathe as they kiss your feet

Blades penetrate, make love to nature’s beat

And nature comes for you

Because I see things

She skips in a water colored dress

So therefore I must call upon the rain

To wash away her dress and see the beauty of her naked form

And to lay her down upon the virgin dew

And let nature kiss her spine and levitate her to meet her death

So nature can come for you

Because I see things.

I have a blind side now so therefore

I experience night and day, each and every day

My head is now a lighthouse so as not to miss a thing

I hear a bird a song to sing

I turn to see the beauty and the majesty

It looks at me the one blue eye I see

A Jackdaw looking at my silver chain

Swoop down dear heart and steal my pain

Because I see things

For I am blessed in morn I sleep on my right

So when the dawn kisses them open I see the light

The day is good for I have one sight

What dreads me more is that I wake to

a universe that has no stars

Therefore imagination will prevail

Because I will still see things

My memories and imagination will become my eyes and pen

And touch will give it form

And the colors of my memories will paint a breast of black or white or Mocha be

For the visual will rest within my hands because I see

My eyes will close upon your pillowed breast

And rest

Because I feel things

Sometimes in worried sleep I feel a presence in my room

He has a beady scarlet look

I think he wants more than my silver chain

He wants to inflict emotional pain

Because the eye of the beholder is not yours to steal

Be gone Jackdaw for you are not real

You are cold

Because I feel things

So if all is lost to night

I will weep for just a little while

And the voices of strangers will electrify

my senses

They are new memories and the hug will tell me everything

And as her breasts meld into my chest

The eyes of my chest will tell me if they are large or small

Or if her blouse or dress is cotton

Because I feel things

For then the keys below my finger tips will explode in intimacy

So when her bra falls like a red maple leaf

I will not see the beauty but I will hear it rest upon the floor

I will smell her perfume dabbed subtly on her cleavage

It is then my eyes will trace the beauty of her gift

That will nourish all my senses

Because I feel things

My senses now become a pallet of oils as I mix my lips with fingertips

I hear whispers on her breathe

The air eludes her

The unknown canvass is taking shape

Into a vision that takes us to a place called lost

I touch her eyelids which sleep in sensations

For she is me now

How do I know

Because we see things

We feel things

We hear things

We are blind to the outside world


By Michael Cook

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