For The Love Of Pets

For The Love Of Pets

By Christy Wiseman


Puppy loveThey were “snow birds.”  Here for the winter and wanting a pet. They adopted a pet and the pet was ever so grateful. They named him “Freddie.”  He now had a wonderful life.  He now belonged. He rewarded his masters with unconditional love. For their part, they seemed so happy to have him. Many “Freddies” have found loving homes which last for years.

For some, however,  one fine day  a “Freddy” will find himself dumped on the side of the road, while the very people he had loved and trusted with his life, and for whom he would have given his life, speed off to their summer homes. He has to wonder what he had done wrong to be treated so cruelly.  Some “Freddies” are found and rescued; some turn feral and live for awhile, abandoned and destitute.  Some outcomes you don’t even want to know!

Freddy’s story is all too common here at Lakeside in late April or early May.  Sometimes it happens at other times of the year as well. There are those who volunteer their time at the spay and neuter clinic and those who volunteer to take care of the cast off pets until they can find new homes. Those are the unsung heroes in our community.  

There are those who spend time to find a good new home for their pet if they honestly know that their lifestyle for whatever reason doesn’t give their beloved animal all it deserves.  They suffer the loss, but know their pet is better off in another loving home.

Finally there are those who dump their loyal pets as they drive on to their next destination.  They are the unidentified, shameful damned in our community.

Into which category do you belong?

If you cannot or will not take your dog or other pet with you when you leave, begin early to find him a good, loving home or better yet, don’t adopt in the first place.


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